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Dr. Schleicher
malignant melanoma
Dr. Schleicher has pioneered the use of digital images to diagnose and treat skin disorders having to date provided over 3,000 teledermatology consultations starting in 2000. With only 12,000 full time dermatologists in the US serving a population of over 300 million, teledermatology addresses the pressing need for timely diagnosis and treatment by skin care experts. COVID has accentuated this need.

Teledermatology plays a pivotal role in the solution to extend much needed dermatologic services
American Academy of Dermatology statement on teledermatology

Telemedicine article featuring Dr. Schleicher
Dr. Schleicher currently provides Teledermatology Services to over 20 State Prisons.
Dr. Schleicher partners with Volunteers in Medicine
Newsclip from the year 2000
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